Title IX Graduate and Professional Student Advisory Board Application

Deputy Provost Stephanie Spangler chairs the Title IX Steering Committee.  The Title IX Graduate and Professional Student Advisory Board works closely with the Title IX Steering Committee in their task of coordinating Yale’s strategies for addressing sexual misconduct on campus.  Information can be found here.

The Graduate and Professional Student Advisory Board is a group of students selected from Yale’s professional schools and graduate school departments who meet regularly with the Title IX Steering Committee. The Title IX Steering Committee has responsibility to overseeing Yale’s efforts to address and prevent gender discrimination and sexual misconduct at Yale. The advisory board provides guidance and student perspectives on related policies, procedures, and programs. Advisory board members also participate in the development and implementation of initiatives to promote a climate of inclusion and respect at Yale.

Member responsibilities include:

  • Attending an introductory training retreat during September or October
  • Participating in monthly meetings (usually held on Friday afternoons from 3:00 to 4:30pm)
  • Collaborating, as appropriate, with school/department leadership and school specific Title IX coordinators on local climate initiatives
  • Attending and assisting in education and prevention programming when available
  • Committing to at least one year of service on the board

If you are interested in serving on this advisory board, please complete and submit the attached application by September 15th, 2016 to TitleIX@yale.edu. Questions regarding the advisory board should be directed to Jason Killheffer, Senior Deputy Title IX Coordinator, at jason.killheffer@yale.edu.